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Zamrażalnictwo, chłodnictwo, klimatyzacja - nowoczesne rozwiązania dla przemysłu

Cooling chambers and freezers that are offered by our company are first class rooms for the collection and storage of products, semi-finished products and raw materials. Wide range of temperature (0 °C to -25 °C) allows you to store a whole choice of assortment, with no loss of quality and freshness for a long time.

The chambers are made of sandwich panels with polyurethane or polystyrene core. The outer layer is galvanized and powder coated, which has got certificate for contact with food.

Cooling system is a modern refrigeration monoblock or installation consisting of a refrigeration apparatus and radiator, placed in the chamber which is connected to copper pipes with isolation.

The position of the door to the chamber is determined individually with the client, depending on the needs and conditions. Casing of the chamber is mounted on a leveled and paved surface in the building or other objects, to protect it from the weather.