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Zamrażalnictwo, chłodnictwo, klimatyzacja - nowoczesne rozwiązania dla przemysłu

Freezing, air chilling tunnels of our products are modern and high-performance cooling apparatus, using among others, for hardening of ice-cream and not only. Our tunnels are also used to freeze products such as pancakes, croquettes, hamburgers, pizza, dumplings or cakes. The tunnels of this type are designed and built according to individual customer needs.


The individual units of freezing aparatus are setting according to certain project in the refrigeration housing which is made from high quality polyurethane sandwich panels with polyurethane core. The whole is placed on a special foundation. The surface layer of this foundation forms a tray from chromium-nickel sheeting with a slope to better sewage disposal from the tunnel. On the surface of the foundation which is provided with/in thermal insulation there is usually a set of transporters, provided with a two-level belts, on which the product for freezing is placed. Over the panel of transporters there is a refrigerant block. The whole is controlled by a control cabinet. According to the highest standards, components in direct contact with the frozen raw material are made of stainless steel. Other components are protected against corrosion by galvanizing..


The tunnel should be installed in a covered space of the production hall as the final link in the technological line. It is recommended that the landing side of the freezing product should take place in cooled or air-conditioned room. The tunnel does not require heating of the substrate.


Due to the size, cost of the tunnel takes place in the main, completely assembled sets which reduces the installation time to a minimum.