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Zamrażalnictwo, chłodnictwo, klimatyzacja - nowoczesne rozwiązania dla przemysłu

Freezing fluidized tunnels of our production that are double belt are modern and high-performance refrigeration apparatus designed for freezing a wide range of fruits, vegetables and fine culinary products. Our devices are primarily dedicated for plants which are connected with the production and storage of food (such as cold stores or fruit and vegetables freezers), but can also be used for freezing or chilling non-food raw materials.


The presented tunnels are double belt, with a cascading system of belts. Both belts are made of stainless steel or plastic (acetal) and have individual power units. Regulation the speedof the belt is smooth over a wide speed range. Washing the first belt takes place outside the tunnel, in the washing device which is powered by running water. Washing the second belt takes place during when the tunnel is defrosting. In the refrigeration housing which is made of sandwich panels with polyurethane core there is a fluidized set, consisting the chests of air from the fans, coolers and fluidized bed. In order to loosen the layer of raw material, in all the boxes used high-performance diagonal ventilators that allows to ensure complete fluidization in the freezing area. Next to the fluidized bed there is installed internal platform from which you can control the freezing process.


The tunnel should be installed in a covered space of the production hall as the main link in the
technological line of frozen food production. It is recommended that the landing side of the product should take place in a cooled or air-conditioned room. To the place of installation the tunnel there should be lead electricity, refrigerant, water and sewage installation..


Due to the size, cost of the tunnel takes place in the main, completely assembled sets which reduces the installation time to a minimum.

Technical data



FREEZING FLUIDIZED TUNNELS – lateral coolers system


FREEZING FLUIDIZED TUNNELS – central coolers system